Uncertainty is Scary - 3 Ways to Move your Business Forward with Confidence in the Midst of Uncertainty.

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Here today in Melbourne Australia, on this Monday afternoon, we are in the middle of another covid lockdown.

On a global scale, we are so fortunate, however, lockdown life in 2021 remains a reality, and it feels different to 2020.

The main thing I am hearing from people, in both my personal and professional settings, is the word tired. Everyone feels weary.

Weary of more lockdowns. Hungover from the torments of the past twelve months. Mostly, weary from so much uncertainty.

Uncertainty is tiring at the best of times, but when the uncertainty touches on so many facets of our lives the flow-on effects can be quite daunting.

Not only can it feel hard to do basic tasks at times, for business owners the question hovers, “how do we keep moving forward with confidence during these times of great uncertainty?"

How do we keep moving forward with confidence during these times of great uncertainty?

I’ve got three suggestions that have helped me in the face of this same uncertainty.

The first and best strategy is to stay customer focussed, keeping their story in mind. What do they need? How can you help? By staying focussed on other people we remember why we do what we do, we keep clear about our purpose and find ourselves with renewed energy.

Beyond this, how empowering is it to know that you are helping people? Instead of being stuck in our own freeze, we are taking action and not just reacting to a situation.

Secondly, when we think about what our customers need to hear we stay relevant. By genuinely speaking to the needs of our customers we have things to say that they want to hear.

This can apply whether your business sells a physical product or a service. We are in the business of helping people’s lives be better with what we sell, and so we can also do this by what we say!

The third thing to do is perhaps the most important and that is to give yourself permission to rest and re-energise. If you are experiencing 2020 hangover, what I would like to say to you is that you don’t have to be the cheerleader, the person with all the answers and energy, even if that’s a role that you are used to playing.

It’s OK to not keep moving at your usual lightning pace, and it’s quite important really, to not expect yourself to. You can still make strong decisions when you are weary, but it will be much harder to do if you don’t cut yourself some slack.

Being tired, feeling hungover; these are very understandable ways to be feeling right now.

By giving yourself time to rest, allowing yourself to operate at a slower pace you can strip back to the things that really matter in keeping your business moving forward.

Make strong decisions about the issues that really matter and let the rest follow.


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