How Do We Communicate For Change To Happen?

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A cool 20 years back, as a brand designer and lecturer to the next generation of communicators and visual storytellers, I felt compelled to ask - how do we bring about change?

The writing was on the wall for anyone who who cared to read it. Change was needed and fast.

Months of anxiety gave way to taking action.

Brand Tomorrow is a direct result of a career dedicated to asking that question and the research I undertook. It is my long held belief that communicators offers key contributions to change.

Brands are in my definition the business of bringing about change - changing the existing to the preferred.

But how do we do that?

Ask Apple if their brand made a difference to them? It is hard to believe but some 40 odd years back Apple did not know how to talk about what they did. They just knew they had a game changer of a product.

The existing might be for you - my customers don't get how important what I do for them is! Preffered: I am effecting global change.

There is a ground swell of people utilising their experience and accumulated skills to do things differently and make change. Have you noticed? COVID has sped up the call to arms.

BUT their audience don’t ‘get it’. They know how to do it once they are in front of their audience but they don’t know how to talk about it so people say; give it to me now.

They ask the same question - ‘how do we communicate for change?’

They help a few but can’t effect the breath of change they are capable of delivering. People don’t listen or rather they can’t hear them.

The way we talk about what we do largely decides the uptake of our brand, and whether the resultant behaviour change and cultural change necessary materializes.

It is the story we tell that produces the ending - happy or otherwise.

That is where Brand Tomorrow comes in. You have the modalities - the how - but not the communication knowledge to grow it so that people listen and hungrily want more information instead of tuning out.

Brand Tomorrow is in the business of psychological and spiritual change (culture change) bought about using branding principles like Apple do, like Coke do.

I liken Brand Tomorrow as the the Robin Hood of branding - taking the highest level of branding knowledge and making it accessible to everyone committed to change.

Want in?

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