Hello New You!

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It’s time to do that Spring thang, breath deeply, take in the newness in the air.

Feels good huh?!

All of a sudden business women are waking up and saying, now is the time!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports an increase in the number of registered businesses during the pandemic.

Read the full article here.

It’s not just you. You can feel it in your soul.

That thing that just won’t say die, the yearning to follow your heart, your passion and make it an extra ordinary success you know it could be.

You know this could go global if you had someone to show you how.

Maybe its taking your brand to a digital audience or starting an arm of your brand you have wanted to for years, or investing in your already awesome business in a new way so it can be superbly well loved!

Well, I am in your corner. Here is the one thing that people don’t do when they are at the moment. Starts with a great big D, differentiation. Yep, difference. What sets you apart from the rest.

That my friend is the game changer in branding. But not just any old differentiation, not the one your besty has, or the one you market leader has.

You can see where it so often goes WRONG.

You are going to need a difference that is not like anyone else’s.

Without an extraordinary differentiation you are building on sand for your brand. I see this all the time as a brand coach.

All your love and hard work goes in to your free (whatever that means) or paid marketing.

Never quite sure while socials are called free when they steal half your day.

I am guessing you’d like to be paid for your time, not offer it free right? (And who does most of your precious time and sweat on socials actually benefit anyway? That is a story for another day! )

So get out your big girl large sheets of paper and get down to what is different about your brand.

Every minute of this time you commit to resolving this aspect of your brand will come back many times over to you in devoted customers my friend.

Yes, there is newness in the air and it’s time to say hello to the new you!

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