Gain Market Position And Emerge With A Clear Differentiation

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It is pause time again out there in business land. Are you going to pause too?

Even if you are not in Sydney or Melbourne you are feeling the drag of COVID.

Are you happy to let COVID dismantle what you have spent years building?

Are you happy to let COVID dismantle what you have spent years building?

It is time zig as others zag.

Many of my clients have taken this opportunity to gain market position to emerge with a clear differentiation.

With the right strategy and tools you can utilise this ‘lag’ time, or as Singapore has coined ‘circuit breaker’, to resolve your brand and improve your position NOT WAIT for others to decide what happens to all your hard work.

Circuit Breaker works for me so much better than ‘lock down’ that has been widely accepted in Australia. Lockdown is from prison terminology.

Circuit Breaker is an offer of change. And you know it is time to sort out your brand so that IT IS EASIER FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TO CHOOSE YOU.

I was speaking with a women in business just yesterday and she said ’Where have you come from!!? You are just what I need!’

She was up to her eye balls in information about how to build her business. I said, that is not the hard part. You can get all the digital platforms in place. The clincher is whether you can get customers to buy it.

I am on the look out for woman who need to be able to market themselves effectively. And in branding terms that means a clear and compelling differentiation.

When your customer is looking at you and 4 other options to help them you need to be the clear stand out.

Sounds like what you are after?

99% of women have seen me once before they work with me. That means I have a marketing budget just a wee fraction of my competition. That means I can forge ahead when they are stalling.

You want in?

Make a time and see if you qualify for a free 45 Brand Strategy Call to get you under way.

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