Adapting To Change

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How to change with the times and not be one of those companies that make the ‘colossal mistake’, as Forbes describes it, of not adapting.

We are all sifting through the information at hand to find the best way through what could be described as the most rapid period of change anyone has seen in their lifetime. You may also describe it as the weirdest couple of months in your lifetime.

Maybe stories in the near future will begin with; it was the best of times it was the weirdest of times….

However you describe it, we are all in a game of change, they only thing left to answer is where to and how fast.

In sifting through the information about how to best manage right now the word adaptability keeps coming up?

Infact Forbes rates it as the most valuable part of your business, its ability to adjust to new conditions.

“The most important questions you need to ask yourself about you, your company and all employees: Are you doing everything you can to stay nimble and ready to adapt in these times of exponential change?’ Forbes

I have the added advantage of a background in lecturing in creative thinking and I want to share with you some key principles of adapting and even using the change that is upon us to growbetter business.

You see creativity is just that. Letting change do its work and improve the way we do business through a shift in perspective.

  1. Embrace change. If you are feeling like you are under siege then you need to make that shift in perspective.
  2. Is your message still relevant? If you know you can help people, as it relates to your brand, make sure your brand positioning and messaging is adapting.
  3. Keep listening to your market. They will tell you what is most needed and where to move next.
  4. Is thinking in new ways part of your business plan? If it isn’t, it should be.

Our perspective, either fixed or adaptive, either plastic or ridged will dictate largely where to and how fast for your business.

I have applied these same principles to be fully booked out throughout the last few months, I want that for you too. And it is not only about now it is about coming months and years.

“The key to making great decisions is to make sure you surround yourself with mentors who can help you see things with a new lens and a fresh perspective. This is how the best companies in the world innovate and grow their businesses.” Forbes

While the next installation of this graph I suspect will have exponential growth (you are now an expert in that) apply these key principles to move and grow in the weirdest of times.

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