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I was wondering how you were getting on?

I was talking with a woman yesterday who had a great business but had always done it old school. You know…face to face customer communication, ie, a good chat with her customers - and had not even an email list to mention.

Everything she did was hands on.

Until now. B.A.M!

I really ...

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I want to speak to you directly for a moment. Things aren’t ever going to back to how they were.

We cannot close our eyes and hope this will all be over soon and we can just take up where we left off a few (very weird) weeks ago.

I believe, with intention and careful consideration, things are going to resume something better than we ...

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How are things for you right now?

I have been jumping on the phone checking in with my community to see how you are.

I want to share what is happening in businesses right now and what you can do about it in your business.

The key focus right now is PIVOT.

We need to view what we do for our customers from ...

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You might remember that I was at a marketing conference in a ‘workshop’ recently. The expert presenter was covering email marketing. Great.

He was extoling the virtues of telling a story in your emails to your customers, something funny, something sad, something that made you angry…

I was all ears, ready to learn more when he said ‘there ...

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You have come to rely on two things.

Absurd statements from the current president of the USA and poor marketing results on your spend.

I can’t do much about the first - the second is in the bag Beautiful Brand Builder.

You believe in your business, but if you see one more piece of your marketing dive you are not sure you can ...

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