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The bad news is; your market is full of noise.

The good news is: your market is full of noise.

No, it’s not a typo.

Let me say it this way.

When you know how to make music choosing you is simple and all that noise your competitors are churning out makes you shine even brighter.

You are going to ...

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It is pause time again out there in business land. Are you going to pause too?

Even if you are not in Sydney or Melbourne you are feeling the drag of COVID.

Are you happy to let COVID dismantle what you have spent years building?

Are you happy to let COVID dismantle what you have spent years building?

It ...

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What you do next matters.

Leaders are being sorted from the followers right now.

It is time for some sound and direct advice in the arena of business, don’t you think?

Leaders have clear effective brand messages.

Don’t sit and wait for others to make decisions about what happens next to your business.

Don’t ...

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How to change with the times and not be one of those companies that make the ‘colossal mistake’, as Forbes describes it, of not adapting.

We are all sifting through the information at hand to find the best way through what could be described as the most rapid period of change anyone has seen in their lifetime. You may also describe it as the ...

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Something is slapping me in the face today.

The COST of inaction on your brand message.

6 weeks into our new normal this is more painfully evident than ever before in my memory.

Loosing months out of your business, or marketing that does not lead to being booked out or customers thinking you are expendable and cutting you out.

The ...

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