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It’s time to do that Spring thang, breath deeply, take in the newness in the air.

Feels good huh?!

All of a sudden business women are waking up and saying, now is the time!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports an increase in the number of registered businesses during the pandemic.

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We often get questions about tag lines and how to go about creating one for your business.

I am not going to convince you of the need for a tag line, or even an elevator pitch. A tag line, being a succinct expression of what your business does, is a great opportunity to leave an impact and we all know how important it is to have these tools ...

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Being able to present yourself in a way that will amplify your brand is really valuable. This is value most people leave on the table. It's not done deliberately, but for many the idea of a branding photo shoot - think crazy good headshot - can feel quite baffling and daunting.

For those of you who might be nodding your head when I say that, ...

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Here today in Melbourne Australia, on this Monday afternoon, we are in the middle of another covid lockdown.

On a global scale, we are so fortunate, however, lockdown life in 2021 remains a reality, and it feels different to 2020.

The main thing I am hearing from people, in both my personal and professional settings, is the word tired. Everyone ...

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A cool 20 years back, as a brand designer and lecturer to the next generation of communicators and visual storytellers, I felt compelled to ask - how do we bring about change?

The writing was on the wall for anyone who who cared to read it. Change was needed and fast.

Months of anxiety gave way to taking action.

Brand ...

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